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August 10, 2022
Be A Little Kinder

Michael Adia

Lady sitting next to a sunny window listening to music while kindly petting her dog.

Why Do I Need To Show Myself Kindness? 

Kindness is a virtue I try to live by every day. I believe that kindness can have a positive impact on our lives and those around us, including our environment.  

As a trained ACT practitioner, I’ve learned that kindness is a key element of self-compassion. We can show kindness to ourselves when we acknowledge and validate our pain, or allow painful emotions to surface instead of holding them inside. It’s often easier to show kindness to the people we love, but it can feel uncomfortable to show that same kindness to ourselves. 

So how can we be a little kinder to ourselves? I created the acronym KINDER to share ideas on how to practice kindness to yourself, others, and our environment. These are just some recommendations — it’s not an exhaustive list. 

K: Keep connected 

Keep connected to those who care about you and treat you kindly.

I: Invigorate yourself

Indulge in things that make you feel a little better than yesterday. Volunteer, enjoy good food and TV, play dress-up, talk in your mother tongue, take care of a plant, listen to music and dance, etc.

N: Nurture nature 

Connect with nature as much as you can. Be kind to nature by respecting and taking care of it: land, air, and water keep us all connected.

D: Destigmatize

Ask for help with your mental health. Whenever you hear that voice that says, “don’t”, or “that’s embarrassing”, listen to that critical voice gently and without judgment. But do reach out for help. Talk with a trusted friend, talk to a healthcare professional, or look for an online community about mental health. 

E: Empathy

Everyone experiences pain and struggles to some degree. Practicing empathy allows us to normalize pain and respond to people with kindness. Empathy also teaches us how to handle difficult emotions and thoughts without judging them.

R: Recover 

Recognize when you need a break. Rest when you are tired. 

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama

 We can all use more kindness in our lives, even towards ourselves. Try some of these ideas and see how they help! If you need a little more support with self-compassion, please reach out. Our trained therapists are just a click away. 

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