Shift Spotlight: Victoria Ho

Victoria Ho is a Registered Psychotherapist at Shift whose areas of practice include mental health, addictions, trauma, grief and loss, self-esteem, and relationships. This week, we asked her about therapy, and in the spirit of vacation season, where she’d love to travel to next!

What do you love about therapy?

There are so many things that I love about therapy! On the most basic level, I love being able to help others navigate their experiences. It's a great honour to be on a journey with clients while they learn more about themselves, and I love seeing the healing and growth unfold. I also love witnessing the resilience, inner wisdom, and courage that people have, even when they don't realize those qualities are there. It is inspiring! I am constantly learning in so many ways as a therapist, and I find that very fulfilling.

What do you wish you'd known about therapy sooner?

To not rush the process. Sometimes clients want the answers right away. This can put pressure on both the client and therapist to "solve" problems instead of really working through the deeper understanding of why behaviours, feelings, or situations occur as they do. Change is often happening and we just don't realize it yet, so there is no need to rush; as they say, "The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit."

What's one place you've always wanted to travel to and why?

I've always wanted to travel to Bali, Indonesia because I love beaches, scenic landscapes, and exploring ancient temples. I would love to just hang out in the sun and sand all day with my family and to take my girls to see the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

Victoria is accepting new clients. Beginning on Sunday, April 28, she will be available for in-clinic appointments. To learn more or book with her, click here!