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January 24, 2022
Staying On Course Between Therapy Sessions

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Working Towards Your Best Self

When going through a difficult time it can be hard to set goals, plan our day, or remain positive about the future.

Now that we are here, what can we do? These strategies can complement therapy work and help us maintain our progress by adopting a few simple daily practices. Whether you are currently in therapy or thinking about therapy, minor adjustments to routine and mindset can have a significant impact on our outlook and can help us make the most of our therapy sessions.

Here are some quick tips for developing a positive mindset, staying on course, and working towards your best self.

Make time for mental wellbeing.

Plan it, schedule it, and make it consistent. It could be a regular walk in the morning, a brief session of yoga or exercise at lunch, or meditation before bed. Find a self-care practice that works for you and schedule it. Planning time for rest and recreation will help us be more efficient when it is time to work.

Be open and non-judgmental to how life unfolds.

If you are reading this in 2022, there are many things that are outside of our control (pandemic!). When things feel out of control, we might struggle with feeling the need to stay in control. It may be better to release those feelings and release our attachment to certain expectations or outcomes. Though we may not always be able to change what is going on outside, we can always work on our internal mindset.

Remember to use your strengths and resources.

What are strengths and resources? Reconnecting with a relative or friend that you’ve been meaning to call can brighten up a gloomy evening. Tapping into that passion for writing, music, or art can evoke our motivation and drive for life. Good things from the past can help us stay positive for the future. Keep an inventory of things that have worked before to help you stay positive and enact them in times of need.

Use strategies to maintain your work-life balance.

When it is time to work and we are occupied with outside thoughts or situations, being productive can be a dreary proposition. Anticipate these feelings and use time management techniques that work for you. Create an optimal work environment by silencing your phone/social media. Write down your distracting thoughts on a "parking lot page" that you can come back to at a better time. Separating your “work area” from a dedicated “recreation and leisure space” might be an important boundary to set.

Practice self-compassion and acceptance.

Manage your resiliency and stamina by meeting yourself with acceptance. It is okay if you are struggling. Difficult times will pass and experiencing bad feelings does not mean you are a bad person. Use this experience as best you can to learn more about yourself. Prioritize and take care of what is necessary first, give yourself plenty of rest, and only take on new challenges as your comfort level grows. If you need support, look to people you can trust to talk and share your experiences. You are not alone.

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