Breaking Imposter Syndrome

Challenging the feeling of being a fraud and encouraging openness to ask for help in the workplace.



Do you ever feel like you're going to be “found out” at work? Of course you do. Most people do. In fact, studies show that over 70% of workers have experienced this feeling. This is especially true for employees, managers, and leaders in companies that are fast-paced and growing. The downside is that this internal narrative can seriously harm teamwork, productivity, and overall moral. 


In this 60-minute workshop, we will work together to label the feelings of imposter syndrome and do an exercise that allows for everyone in the room to anonymously share the last time they felt like a fraud at work. This forms a baseline for an open dialogue about this workplace challenge.


By the end of this session, attendees will:

  • Understand that feelings of imposter syndrome are normal

  • Practice strategies to identify imposter syndrome

  • Gain tools to address imposter syndrome at work

  • Understand how to better support colleagues