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We offer keynote speaking and corporate workshops to organizations, schools and leading companies. 

Love, Honestly

An interactive keynote that explores the gritty reality of modern dating, love & sex


Mental Health Workshops for Parents

This two hour workshop will allow parents to explore their own mental wellness, while strategizing ways of supporting their peers, increasing connection and leaving with a concrete toolkit for next steps.


Mental Health Workshops for Educators

This two hour workshop will allow educators to explore their own mental wellness, while strategizing ways to foster a more positive workplace for teachers. 


Everyday Mindfulness


Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Having trouble focusing or sleeping? Unable to get your mind to stop racing? This workshop is for busy professionals who find themselves struggling to manage all of life’s competing demands. Mindfulness offers a powerful new perspective on how we approach everyday stress and feelings of overwhelm and grief. In this 30 minute workshop, you will learn hands-on practices and tips for how you can implement mindfulness into your everyday life to reduce stress and anxiety, improve coping, and de-clutter your mind.


Beating Perfectionism At Work

Do you feel like you have to be perfect to be good enough? Do you struggle to get your work done because you worry what others will think? While perfectionism at work is common among ambitious professionals, it often leads to high rates of anxiety, procrastination, stress and lack of confidence.

Join us for this free 45 minute workshop on beating your inner critic. You will learn to recognize when perfectionism is taking over, strategies to challenge this faulty thinking and tools to reduce the anxiety and boost performance.


Online Dating 101


Why is online dating working for everyone else but me? In this 3 hour workshop you will build the foundation for a positive dating experience, explore the barriers that prevent you from finding your ideal partner, develop the tools required to feel more in control in your dating life and learn to better understand your needs and wants in a relationship. You'll also walk out the door with an actual Action Plan for dating-providing individualized next steps for dating success!


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