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Radical Self-Love: A Free Workshop on Personal Empowerment

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If you’ve ever asked yourself, “how do I love myself,” “how can I accept myself,” or maybe “how do I nourish, support, and care for myself,” join us! In this free workshop, we’ll be exploring radical self-love and self-care to tap into our inner power and build up a solid foundation of self.

Our thinking creates our reality, and through meditation, visualization, role-playing, group work, and other exercises we can build a framework that fosters self-confidence and worthiness. We’ll be learning practical tools and strategies on how to empower ourselves to feel secure, confident, strong, and capable.

Leave this workshop feeling energized and empowered, radiating positive energy from the inside out.

Your Hosts

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Melissa di Fonzo, MSW RSW is a therapist who brings a compassionate, collaborative, and non-judgmental approach into her work to help her clients empower themselves and take action. She has a passion for helping people achieve true and lasting changes in their lives. Melissa’s holistic approach to practice draws on her training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, narrative therapy, mindfulness, and solution-focused therapy to help individuals gain awareness of the connections between their mind, body, and spirit, so they can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and work towards greater self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-acceptance.

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Drawing from the teachings of Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life,” Elizabeth Wilson believes that with self-love, and respect, trust, openness, kindness and self-compassion, one can thrive and reach their greatest potential, celebrating their strengths and unique individuality. Their untapped potential can create a wonderful new world, both individually and collectively. She has experience in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Strategies) and SmartEducation certification from UBC in Mindfulness Studies for student success. Subscribing to “lifelong learning”, she holds diverse energy healing certifications such as: Reiki Master, Sekhem Practitioner, Litios Light Crystals Diamond Light Practitioner, Rainbow Energy Healing Level 3, Raindrop Young Living Essential Oils Practitioner, Indian Head Massage Therapist, Angel Communication and Angel Guidance Healing Practitioner