Hi, I'm Jordan. 

I'm a Partner at The Shift Collab, a leading mental health practice that provides therapy, workshops and keynote speaking across North America.

Jordan Axani Shift Collab

I help leaders be authentic at school and work. I do this through combining my entrepreneurial background and mental health experience to create keynotes, workshops and tools that capture attention, invite audiences to take their mask off, and leave a mark.

In the past ten years, I have worked with Fortune 1000 companies, top universities, startups and national governments to help them develop strategies and programs that use authenticity to increase performance and self worth.

I was educated at the Royal Military College of Canada in Conflict Negotiation before studying Integrated Design Strategy at the Institute Without Boundaries and Rapid Prototyping at FactoryX, a think tank started by Google executives. 

Although sometimes I'm better known as the 'trip around the world guy' or 'the big lie guy.' 


People call me because:

  • They want a speaker to explore underlying struggles in their workplace, school or community
  • They want to build a sense of connection and belonging within their community
  • They want to tell the story of who they really are

I am currently working on:

  • Touring What's Your Big Lie? across North America again in 2018 (there's a mini documentary about it here
  • Delivering speeches, workshops and custom programming on the future of mental health as part of Shift 
  • Sharing our lessons in The Collab 
  • Simplifying my life

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