Announcing the all new Shift Collab

We're taking a big leap forward! 

After working together for a year, we are making Shift Collaborative Therapy and Disruptt Speakers' Bureau into one team

Together we'll collectively go by The Shift Collab.

Why? Because the future of mental health is collaborative.

It'll be made up of Shift Clinic (our therapy practice), Shift Agency (our speaking agency), Shift Academy (our forthcoming courses), and The Shift (our content). 

We're still offering the same services to you, we're just dreaming real big. That's all. 

We'd love for you to join us for our launch event in Toronto on October 20, featuring our dear friend Frank Warren from PostSecret. 

We're thrilled. It's bold. But we'd never have it any other way. 

- Meg and Jord