Announcing On-Demand Video Therapy with Maple

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Maple and Shift Collab are pleased to launch an innovative new partnership that will enable Canadians to access on-demand therapy sessions — the first of its kind in North America — dramatically improving access to mental healthcare.

Beginning in Ontario on July 11, 2018, this service will allow anyone to access 25-minute therapy sessions from anywhere in the province through the Maple’s browser app. In these compressed sessions, patients will be able to address one specific challenge that they are experiencing in that moment — whether it be to reduce anxiety before a big date, manage the aftermath of a difficult conversation with a partner, or strategies to destress after a challenging day of work.


The shorter, on-demand appointment style was designed to give greater flexibility and immediacy, and lower barriers to accessing mental health support.

During the initial pilot, therapists will be available within minutes between 5pm and 8pm EST every Monday and Wednesday on Maple’s easy-to-use, secure video platform. As the program grows, the service will be made available outside of Ontario and on more days of the week.

Maple allows patients to connect with doctors online about conditions that don't require an in-person visit directly from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Doctors can diagnose, provide advice & counselling, and prescribe medications for many common medical conditions right through Maple. With more than 20,000 patients and more than 100 licensed Canadian doctors on the platform, Maple promises patients a live chat or video visit within five minutes, day or night — the shortest wait time for a doctor in Canada's virtual care industry.

Shift Collab is a leading therapy provider and mental health education firm, focused on making mental wellness simple, relatable, and actionable. Their team of over 30 therapists and a national network of counsellors have served thousands of clients over the past two years, providing tactical support to help clients navigate everyday mental health challenges.

Challenging the status quo of the healthcare industry is an essential tenet of both groups’ missions.

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Dr. Brett Belchetz, the Co-Founder and CEO of Maple, explains the core reason for creating Maple from the outset: "Based on my experience as an emergency room physician, at least half of the cases I see do not require a hands-on physical examination, and there is a tremendous demand for more comfortable and efficient access to care in Canada, so people can feel better, faster," says Dr. Belchetz.

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Megan Rafuse, the Clinical Director of Shift Collab, agrees. “We often expect that therapy clients have the availability to put aside their commitments to visit a therapist’s office, when in reality, a meaningful therapy experience can now be delivered through video at the touch of a button. This kind of care is the future.”  

Current users of Maple will now see an option for a therapy session in their portal when logged in to the browser version of the app. For new users, getting access to a therapist is as simple as going to, creating an account, selecting therapy, and being connected to a therapist.

Please note that in this pilot phase, therapy is only available on the browser version of Maple and not in the iOS or Android apps, though availability will widen in the months ahead.  

For more information and to try on-demand therapy on July 11, please visit or