Exploring Self and Self-Care through the Art of Zine-Making

Another Shift Workshop Sunday, another awe-inspiring group. The air was cold but the warmth and energy that everyone brought was everything we needed. We are so grateful for those who attended and shared their stories, laughs, and skills with us. CUT & PASTE: Exploring Self and Self-Care through the Art of Zine-Making was such a lovely afternoon thanks to you.

The act of creating is powerful one that promotes processing, reflection, and healing. Art making can give us the freedom of bypassing our language centre to express complex ideas in other ways. We’re able to integrate left- and right-brain processes together to encourage health and happiness.

In this workshop, we explored self and self-care through the art of zine-making. We expressed emotions, feelings, and thoughts through found images, drawings, and words, and bound them together in neat little packages each as unique as the individual who made them. We believe that every voice deserves to be heard, and every story deserves to be told, and we’re so honoured that so many of you came out and made a big ol’ crafty mess with us while telling yours.

Thank you to the Xiaolan Health Centre for opening their doors and lending us their incredible space and Fionn McDonnell for capturing many beautiful moments.

Next up in Shift workshops: Relationship Bootcamp! Does your relationship need a little tune-up? Hosted by Shift therapist Suzette McLarty, MSW RSW, this workshop will change your perspective of what you thought marriage counselling is all about. Save the date: Sunday, October 28th! Stay tuned for more details.