Flowing, Connecting, Healing: Shift at the Xiaolan Health Centre

Last night's workshop, Flowing Through Fear, was something really special. 

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Xiaolan Health Centre whose space strives (and succeeds) to embody the principles of harmony and balance within the architecture itself, the workshop uniquely fused social work and yoga into a fluid experience of emotional exploration and movement. Integrating mindfulness, cognitive behavioural strategies, breath, and yogic practices as a way of grounding yourself and re-connecting with spaciousness and freedom was the focus of this two hour group session.

We are thanking hosts Shannon Stach, BASc, MSW, RSW & Lisa Mitchell, M.Ed. RYT for leading this transformational event, and we're extending extreme gratitude to the participants who arrived with open hearts and open minds.

Join us next time for Shift Into Summer, a free workshop on the tools & strategies required for a smooth changeover into new routines. Whether you're going from full-time to part-time, school to work, taking vacations, moving cities, jobs, or schedules, set yourself up for success with the right skill set and mindset for a healthy transition.