Introducing Shift People

We are thrilled to introduce Shift People, our new division serving companies, campuses, and community organizations.

We’ve always been a bit of an outlier.

It’s not everyday that a therapy practice merges with a speaking agency, then launch a bunch of large-scale wellness programs, and then leads mental health education at some incredible organizations all over North America. Right?

Not surprisingly, we tend to confuse people. It should never take a 5-minute conversation to explain what Shift does.

Fortunately, the time has arrived where we’re ready to turn that page!

Today marks the launch of Shift People, our new division that provides organizational services (workshops, speaking, wellness programs, and advisory services). A new website at has been launched, as we work to provide more value to both our therapy and organizational clients (and more clarity, too).

At it’s core, Shift People is all about taking the “ah hah!” moments that happen in the therapy room and bringing them into the workplace. Because building mentally well people in 2019 is a team sport — not just something that can happen in private.

This philosophy has driven the success of Real Campus, our mental health program for postsecondary students, and much of our speaking and education over the past two years.

If you, your organization, or any peers might be interested in the work of Shift People, please share the website with them and encourage them to reach out.

We can’t wait for all that’s ahead.

- Jordan and Megan