Video Therapist Highlight - Melissa di Fonzo

Work schedules, travel plans, unpredictable challenges -- there are all kinds of reasons that on-demand video counselling might be right for you. In collaboration with Maple, a company dedicated to providing access to quality medical care when and where you need it, we're working hard to launch a pilot project that gives you fast, easy, convenient access to a therapist from the comfort of your home (or where ever you may be!) 

"I'm really excited to be a part of this project," Shift therapist Melissa di Fonzo says about joining the platform. "I'm excited to be able to support clients in the moment, right away, to come to a decision or work through a challenge."

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"Immediate access to these sessions means I can teach a breathing exercise or another tangible coping strategy right when you need it most, and the program allows those who may feel like there's no one in their network that they can talk with to connect with a therapist and know they are not alone." 

In its early stages, the platform will launch across the province of Ontario. "I'm looking forward to meeting a bigger diversity of clients," says di Fonzo who currently sees clients out of our Yorkville clinic in downtown Toronto. "And I feel good knowing accessibility to therapy will exist for those who can't be present in the clinic space."

"There's a comfortable quality to video therapy, as well! Opening up to a stranger can be difficult," Melissa admits. "But behind the screen, clients may feel more capable of being open and vulnerable which is a crucial part of the therapy process." 

Rolling out on July 11th, Melissa and the team will be ready and waiting to offer you immediate video counselling support. Head over to to get started! 

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