On-Demand Therapy is Now Available Everyday From 8am to 8pm

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Maple and Shift Collab are pleased to announce that our on-demand therapy offering — launched as a pilot in early July — is significantly expanding its coverage.

Beginning on Wednesday July 25, the service will now be available everyday between 8am and 8pm EST within Ontario, with other provinces being added in the months ahead.

That means clients will now have access to 25-minute therapy sessions within minutes on both weekdays and weekends, a first-of-its-kind offering in Canada.

“Core to our mission is to increase the accessibility and innovate the delivery of mental healthcare,” explains Megan Rafuse, Partner and Clinical Director of Shift Collab. “And so, once we began to hear positive feedback and enthusiasm for our on-demand therapy offering, we moved quickly to expand its availability.”

Maple, a 24/7 platform that allows users to speak with a Canadian doctor within minutes, champions offering immediate healthcare support nationwide. Tens of thousands of clients have used the service since its launch in 2016.


Unlike virtual doctor visits, however, therapy is typically thought of being a process that causes stress and logistical headaches for clients.  Offering a more immediate solution not only provides assistance in the very moment that people need it most, but it also places power directly into people’s hands, helping them overcome the stigma that surrounds mental health.  

Looking to the future, Rafuse says that, “Our hope is to reach new clients who otherwise wouldn’t see a therapist, whether because of traditional complexity or because of a persistent stigma around mental health. The truth is that therapy is a good thing anytime.”

“Mental health is a huge part of overall well being.” says Dr. Brett Belchetz, Co-Founder and CEO of Maple. “Empowering people to consult a therapist in a moment of need can have a major impact, so we couldn’t be more excited to expand the program.”

The expanded hours will continue to be available through the browser version of Maple only, accessible on desktop or laptop computers. Not available on the smartphone app at this time. As the program grows, availability will continue to widen.

To give on-demand therapy a try, simply go to getmaple.ca and create your account!