Now You Can Just Send a Text to Book a Session

A big part of making therapy simple is making it super easy to book or rebook a session!

That's why we're thrilled to share that you can now book or rebook over text at 647-699-0296What a world!

Here are some ways we can see this being handy:

  • Running late on the subway for a session? Send a text.

  • Have to move a session? Send a text.

  • Want to book a session but don't feel like using our online portalSend a text.

  • Need a copy of a receipt or invoice? Send a text.

  • Have a quick question about a booking? Send a text.

Our Care Coordination Team is available from 8am to 8pm everyday. And these texts go right into our main inbox, allowing us to easily respond within a couple minutes.

To be really clear, this isn't meant for providing therapy or counselling... it's just meant to make your life a little easier. Plus, we're always happy to support you over the phone or email.

Feel free to give it a shot anytime! Just save 647-699-0296 to your contacts.