The Down Low on "Adulting" c/o Meg!

As it turns out, "adulting" isn't all mortgage payments and food prep. It's also realizing that your emotional bank account is just as important (dare we say, MORE important) than your financial one. Making sure the "tank" is full gives us a solid foundation to tackle all those difficult things life can throw at us and gives us the strength to give support to ourselves and to our network. Having the tools to ask for what we need empowers us and ensures we are communicating proactively in a healthy way.

These were the big takeaways courtesy of Meg during yesterday's workshop, Adulting 101. We are always so grateful for those who spend their Sunday afternoons with us, sharing their stories and strengthening our community. 

Next up on the Shift Workshop docket is something special from Jaylin Bradbury on avoiding those miscommunications and misunderstandings that stem from digital communication -- stay tuned!