We'll Take Facts Over Fiction Any Day! Thanks, Jaylin!

That last text went unanswered and you're racking your brain for what you might have done wrong. Someone cut you off in traffic and now you're carrying a boat load of anxiety-laced stress with you all day. An email from your boss had you feeling frustrated, but it turns out you had their intended tone all wrong. Any of these sound familiar?

The stories we tell ourselves about these everyday occurrences make all the difference in our mental well-being! We're thanking Shift therapist Jaylin Bradbury for knocking another workshop out of the park and leaving us with the skills and strategies to improve communication, decrease disagreements, and reduce social anxiety by separating fact from fiction in the narratives that form when interpreting our interactions with other people.

Jaylin's pro-tip for anyone who's ever struggled with assumptions, miscommunications, or overanalyzing: whenever possible, gather more facts! When this isn't possible, choose the least harmful narrative. 

Thank you so much, Jaylin! And thanks to everyone who could join us on another beautiful Sunday afternoon at Shift. We'll see you next month for another free workshop -- stay tuned!