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An interactive and experiential mental health program that dives into our universal feelings of loneliness and disconnection and our shared desire to belong.

Love Honestly Jordan Axani Megan Rafuse

The Concept

New for Fall 2018, NOTE TO SELF is an interactive and experiential mental health program that dives into our universal feelings of loneliness and disconnection and our shared desire to belong.

Created by Jacob and Kayla, two therapists working with students and young professionals, the program is a 60-90 minute lecture or large-scale workshop that brings together communities to explore our individual and shared experiences, create artful letters to ourselves and engage in an artistic and community based activity to demonstrate evidence of our shared experience. 

A new program being created by Shift (formerly Disruptt) building on the momentum of PostSecret and What's Your Big Lie?, NOTE TO SELF are kind, honest, and true statements. They help us understand our experiences by recognizing the past and giving us hope for the future. They help us state our needs and know that all experiences are valid. NOTES are evidence of our shared struggle and are reminders of our inherent worth.

NOTE TO SELF guides participants in exploring the following.

  1. PAST: “The one thing I wish I knew when I was younger is _________.”
  2. PRESENT: “In this moment, I know that I ____________.”
  3. FUTURE: “The next time I’m feeling down, I’ll remember that _________.”
  4. ALWAYS: “Because I am human, I deserve to ____________.”

Through shared experience and story, the program facilitates a conversation about what it means to be human. The goal of the program is to give people tools to understand themselves and foster meaningful connections with others.

NOTE TO SELF is built on the belief that healing happens in the presence of connection with others. In naming our struggles and speaking truth to our experiences, we can develop a common language for real connection. The program uses the individual experiences of the audience to develop shared narratives that prove we are not alone.

Participants will gain a better understanding of themselves and their place in this world. Through the use of interactive technology and story-based activities, participants learn how to write kind, honest, and true NOTES to themselves about themselves. Participants will learn how to recognize their needs and their worth and how to extend that same compassionate practice to others. The program concludes with a community building activity where we post our NOTES which are evidence of our existence.

The Team

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The Structure

  1. Introduction & Our Stories
  2. Part One: How we found ourselves through connection with each other
  3. Part Two: How to create beautiful, powerful notes to ourselves. 
  4. Part Three: Participants share their own NOTES through text or tweet.
  5. Part Four: Creating a letter to ourselves and creating a collage called "Evidence of Our Existence"

The Outcomes

  • Participants gain a more solid understanding of themselves in the context of their world and experiences
  • A frank, brave conversation about love and sex, with a focus on modern relationships, emotional and/or physical abuse, sexual assault, being used and manipulated, and seeking support
  • Integration of anonymous technology that allows the audience to share their own stories in real-time
  • Tactical, clinically-proven tips and guidance to identify, address and cope with love and sex challenges
  • A catalyst to start courageous conversations to build and nurture your campus community