Healthy Personal Branding

How to build a personal brand with your mental health in mind.

Healthy Personal Branding.jpeg


Are you an entrepreneur or leader? Do you feel like your professional and personal identity are separate? Do you sometimes feel like you have to inflate your image to feel like you're enough, but then feel stuck because you sell yourself short? We can help. 



In this full day workshop, you will dive into your story to create a personal brand for yourself that is true to you. In this session, you will... 

  • Identify key moments in your journey have deeply shaped you professionally and personally
  • Dig into the underlying universal human experiences of each, to find your personal brand's unfair advantage that is based on your story rather than posturing 
  • Clarify how to share more of yourself with your target audience strategically 
  • Determine how to differentiate yourself in a competitive world 
  • And much more...