DBT Skills Program

Coming in February 2023
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Event Details

Join us for an online program facilitated by Mitch Evans, MSW, RSW and Mia Arcangeli, MSW, RSW.

During the 6 week sessions, you will learn the fundamentals of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT):

✔ Understand, manage, and communicate your emotions more effectively.

✔ Provide you the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals, build connections, and learn skills from experts.

✔ Offer you valuable insights into your emotional experience.

Participants are encouraged to turn their cameras on and engage in discussion, but it's also okay to observe and listen. 

Program Description

As a student, you often find yourself in high stress situations, where it can be difficult to understand and regulate your emotional experience, as well as offer yourself the compassion and consideration that you deserve. Understanding, managing, and communicating emotions effectively is a challenge that most of us face throughout our lives.

We are offering you the opportunity to grow these skills by joining a 6-week, group therapy program, facilitated by two experienced therapists. Through this group, you will learn the fundamentals of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). This group will teach you the skills necessary to manage challenging emotions, communicate your needs, as well as offer you valuable insights into your emotional experience. This 6 week program will run weekly for one hour. This will be a confidential and closed group, designed to help keep you feeling supported and connected.

Group Facilitators

Mitch Evans

Mitch Evans is here to support you with building healthy relationships, making sense of emotions, and improving communication.

Meet Mitch
Mia Arcangeli

Mia Arcangeli is here to support you with trauma, anxiety, and self-esteem.

Meet Mia

The group is led by Mitch Evans, MSW, RSW and Mia Arcangeli, MSW, RSW. Mitch works primarily with individuals and couples to build healthy relationships, make sense of emotions, and improve communication. Mitch has a keen interest in understanding the sources of human suffering, as well as the tools needed to navigate and create a meaningful life. Over the last few years, Mitch has worked in a variety of diverse social service settings, focusing primarily on adult mental health. He has supported individuals facing a variety of mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, substance misuse, and relationship issues.

Mia works primarily with young adults to assist them to gain a better understanding of themselves and how to manage heavy emotions. Mia helps you better manage emotions and experiences so that you can better manage your life. Mia has a passion for helping individuals access their most authentic self. Over the years, Mia has worked in a variety of settings, primarily supporting young adults with mental health challenges. She specializes in trauma, anxiety, relationship challenges, and perfectionism.


Program Fee

$ 495.00 

Registration Deadline

January 23, 2023

Payment is required in full for attendance. No refunds or partial refunds will be issued for missed sessions.
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  • Groups fill up quickly, so register now to confirm your spot - 10 participants per group therapy program.
  • Group therapy is cost effective but not a substitute for individual therapy.
  • You will receive an invoice that can be claimed on your benefits plan, if applicable.