Meet Jacob

Helping people learn from life's transitions.


Jacob Ernst is a therapist, writer, and speaker based in Toronto, Canada. He works with children, youth, adults, and families who are going through challenging times in their lives. Jacob helps people reframe their stories and teaches them how to stop apologizing for being their true and authentic selves.

In his work, Jacob is interested in unexplored feelings, unprocessed trauma, and unmet attachment needs in childhood as catalysts for mental unhealth and unwellness. Through his speaking and writing, Jacob seeks to explore the bold and vulnerable stories which are rarely told or brought to the forefront. Jacob dives deep into the uncomfortable and seeks to expand and reimagine our understanding of how mental health impacts our lives.

Who Am I?
An interrogative keynote exploring how you find out who you are, to you.

The secondary and post-secondary years are among the toughest times for adolescents. Not only are there many transitions (increasing independence, moving away and living alone), this is also the time when many young adults are building their identity. They often ask themselves “What am I good at?” and “Who am I?”. The truth is, this is a painfully scary time for a lot of people yet we never talk about how we understand and build our identities in the context of all this change.

Who Am I? will explore the ways we understand our identities, specifically as we experience life’s challenges and changes. Participants are left with a broader understanding of the self and how to cope with the big changes life throws at us.