Meet Megan

Helping leaders believe they are enough.

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What if all the inhibitions you feel could be normalized? What if the fleeting thoughts of pain, anxiety and regret that hold you (or your peers) back could be given a label and put on the proper shelf? And what if that could be done for hundreds of people at once? Well, you should meet Megan Rafuse. 

Megan helps leaders believe they are enough. She’s a Registered Social Worker and Therapist that is keenly focused on helping highly ambitious young professionals. Megan is a co-host of Impostercast, an iTunes top-20 podcast about “faking it”, living authentically and recognizing that none of us are alone in our struggles and triumphs. Megan also does corporate and wellness workshops across North America, to help others learn to challenge their own inner imposter, master positive self-talk, and set quality goals. 

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