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Sarah Innes

Amy Clarke

Angel Dacanay

Carolyn McIntosh

Melissa Coutts

Olivia Vander Vloet

Mahnoor Zulfiqar

Rachel Costa

Zoya Sheikh

Jena Zhou

Bronwyn Campbell

Fatima Noorali

Naomi Hyba

Ching Fong Theodora Li

Faith Villanueva

Julian Oleh

Isayah Alman

Elena Karamanova

Jackie Chung

William Koné

Valia Tseliou

Samantha Fogel

Martha Segovia Calles

Mariah Douglas

Jennifer Fejer

Hiba Hamed

Brittany Tranter

Shaun Ali

Kimberly Gautreau

Kendra Casey

Jessica Weeks

Elizabeth Bala

Colin Hayward

Caitlin Sigouin

Alana Warner

Our commitment to excellence in therapy.

We hire talented therapists who are dedicated to their craft. Out of every 40 applicants, we hire about 1 therapist. All members of our therapy team are supported rigorously in their professional development, with a keen focus on becoming a leader in their niche and bringing their full selves to each therapy session.
Our team has two full-time senior therapists that review client needs with our therapists on a private basis. This kind of hands-on oversight is extremely rare, and means that you can be assured you have the best care plan possible.
Our therapists attend regular group supervision and professional development sessions, where our therapists have the space to gain a wider perspective and learn from colleagues. This transpires into collaborative care opportunities, where your therapist is leveraging a wide array of knowledge and experience to ensure your care is the best it can be.

Our commitment to excellence in therapy.

Our commitment to excellence in therapy.