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Braden Sandberg

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Registered Social Worker

Braden is here to support you with anxiety, depression, and substance use issues.

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Braden is a registered social worker. He supports people to navigate issues related to mood, self-regulation, substance use, trauma, and boundaries. He can help you move beyond symptom reduction towards improved well-being. He’ll support you to live guided by your personal values and increase your resilience as you face unique social or economic pressures.

Braden’s therapy is rooted in a strength-based, harm reduction, anti-oppressive, and holistic approach to healing. He honours multiple paths to healing, including somatic therapies and mindfulness.  He believes that therapy should harness your strengths and abilities, and he’ll work with you to remove obstacles to your healing.

Braden will take the time to provide you personalized care with unwavering support, acceptance, and kindness.

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