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Jeff Lee

Jeff Lee

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Registered Social Worker
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Jeff is here to support you with stress management, relationship challenges, and career navigation.

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Jeff is a caring social worker specializing in supporting individuals dealing with work-life stress, relationship challenges and career navigation. His goal is to provide you with coping strategies, and resources to navigate the challenges you may face, promoting a healthier balance and an overall well-being.

In his practice, Jeff believes in fostering a safe and non-judgmental space where individuals can freely express their thoughts and emotions. Jeff actively listens to each unique story and experiences, recognizing that every person's journey is distinct and should be respected as such. Jeff's approach to social work is holistic, taking into account the various aspects of a person's life that may be influencing their well-being. Whether it's mental health concerns, familial issues, financial hardships, or any other obstacle, Jeff is committed to collaborating with individuals to develop personalized strategies that empower them to overcome challenges and thrive. Additionally, Jeff is well-versed in connecting clients to valuable resources and community support systems that can further enhance their resilience and growth. Through active advocacy and collaboration with other professionals, he strives to create a network of care that ensures comprehensive assistance for those under his guidance.

Outside of work, Jeff is an avid traveller and enjoys devoting his time to exploring cities and backcountry alike. You can also often catch Jeff swimming or on spin bike to start his day in the right mindset.

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Bachelor of Social Work, Univeristy of British Columbia (2019), Master of Social Work, Univeristy of Toronto (2021)

BCCSW (14230), OCSWSSW (837502)

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