Online Dating 101

How online dating can help us realize that we're enough.

Online Dating 101.jpeg


Why is online dating working for everyone else but me? Why do I end up in the same traps over and over again? Why am I not learning from my past? How can dating be fun again? Look, dating is tough these days. But with our system, we can help you get back on track. Just look at what our Clinical Director, Megan Rafuse, has written about online dating! 



In this 3 hour workshop, you will build the foundation for a positive dating experience. We will do this by...

  • Exploring the barriers that prevent you from finding your ideal partner
  • Develop the tools required to feel more in control in your dating life
  • Learn to better understand your needs and wants in a relationship

You'll also walk out the door with an actual action plan for dating that outlines individualized next steps for dating success!