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Dylan Lowartz

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Registered Psychotherapist
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$160 +HST

Dylan is here to support you with relationship challenges, life transitions, PTSD, and trauma.

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Dylan helps individuals and couples create healthier, more fulfilling relationships. He’s passionate about helping you keep healthy boundaries and confidently communicate your needs and emotions. Dylan also helps students and young professionals adjust to a new chapter in their lives. He can help you cope with stress, find inspiration in new responsibilities, and reach your goals.

Dylan specializes in supporting people who have experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, or workplace trauma. He understands that trauma has intense and nuanced effects on your everyday life. Dylan will create a safe place for you to address challenges, learn to reduce their impact, and find deeper joy in your life. Dylan also supports uniformed professionals to cope with workplace stress and PTSD. Dylan can help you combat anxiety, process your challenges, and manage trauma responses. He will support you to develop stronger relationships and cultivate a deeper passion for life.

Dylan holds space for you to feel accepted and supported, no matter what you say or do. Regardless of where you’re at, he will support and help you with the difficulties you bring to therapy. This is your safe space.

Dylan enjoys running, spending time with family, and trying unique types of coffee or espresso. Dylan is keenly interested in different philosophies and life perspectives. His passion for philosophy adds another layer to his therapy and helps him be an impartial, non-judgmental ally so that you feel safe and heard.

Right for you if:

You are struggling with relationships.
You are experiencing ambivalence in your future.
You are a uniformed professional dealing with transitions.
You’re ready to understand and process your trauma.

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Master of Arts in Theology – Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy, Wilfrid Laurier University (2021)

Certificate in Family Mediation, York University (2019)

Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights and Human Diversity & Law and Society (Honours), Wilfrid Laurier University (2018)

Trauma Counselling for Mental Health Professionals Certificate (SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health)

Family Mediation Certificate (York University)

Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists 

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

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What does good mental health look like to you?
I believe having good mental health includes various considerations. I believe they include processing and healing from our past. Maintaining a healthy and stable mental state through strong coping mechanisms in the present. And, last but not least, looking at the being you would like to be in the world of your future.
What is a motto or idea that gives you reassurance when you’re having a difficult time?
The past can influence a person’s future but does not define who they are. Let us look at the being you want to see yourself in the world.
What would you say to a friend struggling with a mental health issue?
Difficult emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, and displeasure are a part of the human condition. However, what is also necessary to the human condition is human interaction, support, and healing. Let me be a human that works with you through the difficulties of being human.