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We help Canadians build the lives they want — one session at a time.

Shift Collab is one of Canada’s leading online therapy practices, offering exceptional counselling and mental healthcare from coast-to-coast. Our curated team of over 125 social workers and psychotherapists collaborate with you to navigate all of life’s challenges.

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Co-founders Megan Rafuse and Jordan Axani standing on the beach with the ocean behind them.

Our Story

Founded in 2016 by Megan Rafuse and Jordan Axani, Shift Collab was born out of a desire to modernize the therapy experience and make it more human.
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In the early days, it was simply a handful of like-minded therapists in a charming downtown clinic. Not long into our journey, clients began to tell us that there was a tangible difference between the feel of our practice and others. We felt it too - but couldn’t quite put our finger on it.

It took us a long time to realize that it wasn’t just a keen focus on the relationship between the therapist and client. What made Shift extra-special was the little things: the warm greetings and laughter in the waiting room; the fact that we didn’t skimp on cheap coffee and tea; the friendships that would come from our community workshops; and the idea that a place where we explore our deepest wounds could also be a place of joy.

We’ve evolved since, but our appreciation of the little things hasn’t. It has shaped our fresh approach to therapy, An approach that prioritizes connection, creativity, and being solution-focused. We want to make mental wellness a routine part of daily life, like going to the gym, seeing your physician, or getting a massage.

Our therapists are people first. In other parts of their lives, they’re artists and athletes, teachers and lifelong students, lovers of travel and advocates for social change. They use their own humility as a bridge to yours. 

Throughout our journey of supporting thousands of clients and growing to include nearly 100 team members from coast-to-coast, we are focused on establishing a new norm for quality and experience of care.

Our Vibe

Family-owned and operated in an industry dominated by venture capital and private equity.
Proudly led by mostly women in a space where male executives are the norm.
Championing inclusivity and psychological safety so that team members can bring their full selves to work.
A living wage employer, providing great compensation and benefits to our team.

Our Timeline

Fall 2016
We open our doors as a small clinical practice in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood with a team of 7 therapists.
Spring 2017
We join forces with a mental health education company, creating what is now Shift People.
Spring 2018
We partner with Maple, Canada's leader in virtual care, to launch on-demand therapy across Canada.
March 2020
We move all of our operations online during COVID-19, figuring out new ways to serve our clients and community.
September 2021
We launch our Fit Guarantee and proprietary client-therapist matching process.
Spring 2022
We launch our new brand, reflective of the company we are growing into.
We’re family-owned, proudly women-led, an advocate for representation in mental health, and a living wage employer. We’re proud to support over 10,000 Canadians through therapy.

Our Values


We aren’t here to tell you how to live your life. You’re the expert on you. We’re here as your equals to collaborate with you and provide support catered to your needs.


There’s no right or wrong time to come to therapy. No matter where you’re at, we’ll meet you there. Bring your full self. We’re here for it.


Our team works tirelessly to be exceptional as clinicians. With strong ethics and a commitment to continual learning, we strive to bring you our very best, every time.

Our Staff

Headshot of Megan Rafuse from waist up smiling in a business casual top.

Megan Rafuse

Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Jordan Axani from waist up smiling in a business casual top.

Jordan Axani

Chief Growth Officer
Headshot of Christina Konecny from waist up smiling in a business casual top.

Christina Konecny

Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of Jennifer Burt-Yanoff from waist up smiling in a business causal top.

Jennifer Burt-Yanoff

Chief Clinical Officer
Headshot of Melissa Liu from waist up smiling in a business causal top.

Melissa Liu

Care Manager
Headshot of Stefania Oliveti from waist up smiling in a business causal top.

Stefania Oliveti

Partnerships Coordinator
Headshot of Danielle Cupido from waist up smiling in a business casual top.

Danielle Cupido

Community Manager
Headshot of Wayne Gray from waist up smiling in a business causal top.

Wayne Gray

Clinical Manager
Headshot of Jessica Hartig from waist up smiling in a business causal top.

Jessica Hartig

Care Coordinator
Headshot of Christine Reprado from waist up smiling in a business causal top.

Christine Reprado

Care Coordinator
Headshot of Nadia McNairn from waist up smiling in a business causal top.

Nadia McNairn

Care Coordinator
Headshot of Aliyah Theobald from waist up smiling in a business casual top.

Aliyah Theobald

Care Coordinator
Headshot of Alara Santacroce from waist up smiling in a business casual top.

Alara Santacroce

Care Coordinator
Headshot of Tracy Horner from waist up smiling in a business casual top.

Tracy Horner

Administrative Coordinator
Headshot of Claudia Aguilar from waist up smiling in a business casual top.

Claudia Aguilar

Finance Manager

Robert Cinapri

Chief Financial Officer

Micha Pashley

People Operations Manager

Our Advocacy

We recognize that systemic racism contributes to a significant lack of representation in fields like social work and psychotherapy. Shift Collab is committed to actively un-doing this at an institutional level. We pledge a sincere, long-term commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization.
Each year we bring on ten graduate students to provide direct experience in counselling and clinical operations, often creating employment opportunities for these students after graduation.
Our team is active within provincial and national regulatory bodies to advocate for more inclusion of therapy benefits in healthcare plans, and advocating for more publicly-funded mental health services.
We design and launch new products and services aimed at providing more equitable access to individual and group therapy to at-risk and marginalized populations (eg. rural Canadians in partnership with Maple, or postsecondary students as part of our Real Campus program).