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97% of our clients are highly satisfied with their care

“My therapist is wonderful and I’m so happy to have her. I am loving our sessions. so thankful I started with Shift!”

S.I. - Shift Client

“I was well-matched with my therapist. I appreciate how easy it is to book and change appointments."

A.M - Shift Client

"Expect the word collaboration to be taken seriously and for your therapist to look outside your sessions to establish other pathways of support."

N.B. - Shift Client

"From the emails, the phone calls, and the 15 minute initial consult, I could see that the company was built to really care for new and existing customers."

G.M. - Shift Client

"The Shift Team really goes the extra mile to make sure everyone feels comfortable and included. The webinars and biweekly emails are appreciated."

B.R. - Shift Client

"The Shift team doesn’t prescribe to one size fits all treatment and their approach to mental health & wellness is different than anything I’ve seen."

C.L - Shift Client

“I have really appreciated the Shift ethos and user-friendly platform as I begin my new chapter with therapy, great work!”

L.L - Shift Client

“ I’m glad I got to connect with you through this transition. You matched me with Ilda and she was perfect, so I completely trust you for whoever you match me with next.”

v.F - Shift Client

"It made me feel so comfortable talking to Shift Collab about what I need support with."

E.K - Shift Client

"It feels comfortable talking to Shift Collab."

P.S - Shift Client

"My therapist made me feel very welcomed. Amazing experience!"

S.K - Shift Client

"I know that without my therapist’s help, I wouldn’t have so easily made crucial changes in my life to help my situation!"

E.A - Shift Client

"My therapist makes me feel seen and comfortable and allows me to express myself in the best possible way."

R.D - Shift Client

"My Shift Collab therapist was very receptive, knowledgeable, warm, kind and personable."

D.N - Shift Client

"My Shift Collab therapist was very receptive, knowledgeable, warm, kind and personable."

D.N - Shift Client

"My therapist is fantastic. I was matched very well and feel very supported!"

I.P - Shift Client

"The therapist I was matched with was extremely warm, caring and knowledgeable. I felt an instant connection with her! "

L.V - Shift Client

"The absolute best therapist I could ask for."

T.H - Shift Client

"My therapist is truly amazing. Someone who made me see things that I never would have seen on my own! "

F.E - Shift Client

"Wonderful first time experience with a therapist. Can’t wait for my next appointment! "

J.L - Shift Client

"They provide a secure virtual system and a smooth process with communication in all areas. Both my therapist and Shift as a service are amazing and I constantly recommend to family and friends alike."

G.K- Shift Client

"I loved that a real person helped me figure out which therapist would be the best fit. I didn’t think I’d like virtual sessions but it’s so easy and convenient. I would recommend to everyone."

E.F - Shift Client

"Thank you for being there to help me get through these difficult times and for making the process so easy"

R.F - Shift Client

"Using the matching questionnaire is a really great way to find a therapist in Toronto. They provide lots of information and resources"

E.M - Shift Client

"Best independent mental health clinic I’ve come across so far compared to any school-based or GP-recommended care"

P.J - Shift Client

"They do their best to help people find a good match, which is so vital to the process independent mental health clinic"

T.A - Shift Client

"The therapist I have been seeing since I first got into my career field has support the trajectory of my life growing in degrees I couldn’t have imagined for myself.”

K.B - Shift Client

“Connection was immediate and smooth! Excellent consultation, provider is an absolute asset to this service. Thank you very much!”

S.B - Shift Client

"My therapist is truly amazing. Someone who made me see things I never would have on my own. Got me through a terrible time”

F.E - Shift Client

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