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Do you feel stressed, worried, or anxious?

Are you lacking confidence and feeling dissatisfied with your life Do you find yourself questioning a choice you have made or are you at a crossroads?

You aren't alone. We’re here to help.

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We’re a different kind of therapy practice in Toronto.

Our team supports ambitious people, like you, to build healthier habits and resilient minds. Our mission is to make therapy a simple, relatable, and actionable experience — rather than one that is awkward, stuffy, or lofty.

Therapy is proven to increase your happiness, improve your motivation, and help you to better understand yourself.

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You will learn to explore and identify your emotions and patterns of thinking, bringing a new perspective to the challenges that you are experiencing.

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You will develop tools to manage your stress, reduce your anxiety, and help you with setting goals for a bright future.

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At Shift, we believe in you.

We’ll carefully match you with a skilled, relatable therapist that can support you in working through your challenges and towards your goals.

Because our mission is to help you succeed, and we will do everything we can to empower you to do so. You got this.


Starting therapy can be comfortable. 

We've created a simple guide that will help you consider what to ask yourself before therapy, how to find the right therapist, and what to expect from your first session.

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