New Coverage for UofT Undergrads

We're so thrilled to hear about the big win for undergraduate students at the University of Toronto.

The UofT Students Union has successfully negotiated coverage for those who wish to see a therapist with a Masters in Social Work. Undergraduate students now have coverage for $125 per session and up to 20 sessions a year. 

That means you get FREE therapy, minus the fact that you pay for your benefits plan. 

UofT students can read the full coverage policy online here.

Want to give it a shot? Take advantage of our fall promo where we offering 3 sessions for $375 (for all you non-math majors that means $125 each).

We look forward to seeing you soon! 


University can be tough and overwhelming at times. Our therapists are here to listen to you, and teach you about the tools you can use outside of the classroom to succeed in school and in life.