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CUT & PASTE: Exploring Mental Health Through the Art of Zine-Making

  • Xiaolan Health Centre 88 Prince Arthur Avenue Toronto, ON, M5R Canada (map)

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Xiaolan Health Centre whose space strives (and succeeds) to embody the principles of harmony and balance within the architecture itself, this workshop focuses on the exploration of self and self-care through the medium of the zine.

Integrating mindfulness, artistic expression, found imagery, the written word, and narrative as a way of reconnecting with your identity, your story, and your body is the goal of this three hour group session. Dissect, analyze, or document a moment, a challenge, where you’ve come from, or where you’re going (any part of your story, in part or in full) by transferring thought to paper, collecting symbols of your past, writing prose or poetry, and binding it together in a folded paper package unique exclusively to you.

Cut it, paste it, paint it, draw it, write it, collect it, collage it, bind it: trust the process and trust yourself. Warm up exercises will get the creative energy flowing before diving into production on your zine. Supplies, snacks, and safe space provided. You are strongly encouraged to bring and incorporate any materials that you want to specifically explore or are meaningful to you in any way -- photographs, poems, drawings, etc. We are so excited to share this journey with you.

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About Angelina:

Angelina Coccimiglio is a visual storyteller. With an educational background that is equal parts fine art and commercial photography & design, her work merges a variety of mediums and often explores themes of gender, identity, and self. As a multidisciplinary creative professional, her strengths lie in her dynamic combination of technical acuity, theoretical studies, and her deep fascination with the way we interact with images, media, and each other.

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About Kayla:

We're all searching for connection in this world. We spend so much time and energy building walls and hiding in the shadows from our feelings while at the same time aching for authenticity and connection. Kayla Patchett strives to support you in diving head first into your emotions to unapologetically be your authentic self. Kayla is a Registered Social Worker committed to supporting others in leaning into vulnerability and coping with diverse mental health challenges.