On-Demand Video Therapy

Therapy that works with your lifestyle, available everyday from 8am to 8pm EST in Ontario.


We know life can be tough, but accessing therapy doesn't have to be! Maple and Shift Collab have partnered and are pleased to offer an innovative new platform that enables Canadians to access on-demand video therapy sessions — the first of its kind in North America — dramatically improving access to mental healthcare.

Therapists are available within minutes everyday between 8am and 8pm EST within Ontario on Maple’s easy-to-use, secure video platform. (As the program grows, the service will be made available outside of Ontario.) 

Interested but not sure just yet? Use code SHIFT10 for a $10 credit towards any first service on the Maple platform!


We believe that many challenges can be tackled in as little as 25 minutes and that's why we've designed this platform. Click here to explore 14 common issues that can be addressed in these sessions!

This offering is the first of its kind in North America (something we're super proud of!) but you're sure to have a few questions for us. Click here to read the answers to the most frequent inquiries about 25-minute on-demand video therapy!

With shorter on-demand sessions, the focus is on quality over quantity. So what's the best way to maximize your time? Click here to read these 5 tips on how to make the most out of your 25-minute video session!