Helping people navigate the mess of love and sex.

Love Honestly Jordan Axani Megan Rafuse

The Concept

Relationships are tough – especially those involving love and sex. What is a healthy relationship? Or a toxic one? What does assault, harassment and abuse feel like? And what does it do to somebody? When is lust enough? How do we say yes and no? What does trusting ourselves have to do with a healthy relationship? What about shame? And how can we be safe?

These questions have been the topics on the minds of Megan Rafuse and Jordan Axani – and they’re being explored in a new, interactive format that will tour stages across North America in 2018.

Combining Megan’s clinical expertise as a rockstar Social Worker & Clinical Therapist with Jordan’s focus on helping create cultures of openness and empathy, they offer a message of hope and acceptance: “You’re not alone in trying to figure this out. We’re all here in the same place.”

At a time when love and sex is evolving dramatically, “Love, Honestly” provides an opportunity for the collaborative exploration of the gritty truth of modern romance - and how to fix it. It’s timely, necessary - and is now available for your school or community. 

The Reviews


The Structure

  • Introduction: Our painfully honest stories of love and sex
  • Part One: What’s your most painful encounter?
  • Part Two: What do your intimate relationships with others have to do with your relationship with yourself?
  • Part Three: How can we have healthy sexual and loving relationships?
  • Closing: Q&A and reviewing campus resources

The Outcomes

  • A frank, brave conversation about love and sex, with a focus on modern relationships, emotional and/or physical abuse, sexual assault, being used and manipulated, and seeking support
  • Integration of anonymous technology that allows the audience to share their own stories in real-time
  • Tactical, clinically-proven tips and guidance to identify, address and cope with love and sex challenges
  • A catalyst to start courageous conversations on campus or in your community