Helping people accept and share the secrets that hold them back.

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As the creator of PostSecret, Frank Warren has been recognized by Forbes as, one of the top five most influential people on the Internet. His award-winning project has served as home to over a million highly personal secrets mailed anonymously on postcards. The PostSecret website has become a phenomenon with more than 750 million views. It remains the largest advertisement-free blog in the world. All six PostSecret books have become New York Times bestsellers.

Awarded both the Mental Health Advocacy Lifetime Achievement Award by the Kristin Brookes Hope Center and Keynote Speaker of the Year by Campus Entertainment, Frank is most proud of the efforts put forth by the PostSecret community on behalf of suicide prevention, including a seven-figure donation to maintain 1-800-SUICIDE.

Frank has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, 20/20, CNN, CBC, NPR, BBC and George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight talking about the emotional live events and the postcard exhibits. When the current PostSecret exhibition closes at the Smithsonian two more will open this year at the ‘American Visionary Art Museum’ and the ‘Museum of Man’ in San Diego.

Frank has delivered keynote addresses around the world at colleges and universities, mental health conferences, SXSW, PopTech, The Kennedy Center and Ciudad de las Ideas. In 2016 he was invited to the White House to share what he has learned about our secret selves. At times hilarious and heartbreaking, the secrets reflect complex issues of intimacy, stigma, meaning, humor, and desire. As an advocate for mental wellness and suicide prevention, Frank’s master storytelling takes audiences on a singular journey both entertaining and enriching.

There are two kinds of secrets, the ones we keep from others and those we hide from ourselves.

Frank Warren brings tears of empathy to the SXSW crowd during his keynote address.
— Daniel Terdiman,
Frank’s talk was interesting, funny and poignant – bringing light to some very deep subject matter while also entertaining an audience of over 1500 people with diverse interests. I would love to have Frank speak again at future events.
— Frank Gruber, Digital Capital Week, Washington, DC
Frank killed it, he was fantastic. We received a ton of positive feedback, with more than a few comments that looked something like this: “Hey guys, you could have supplied some Kleenex to accompany this presentation! Incredibly moving! He was great to work with before and after the event. The presentation was exactly what we hoped for.
— Rick Habib, International Association of Privacy Professionals
The event was AMAZING! It was so impactful and we really brought a lot of students together. It was everything I had imagined and more.
— Active Minds, University of Pittsburgh

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