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We make it easy for Canadian college and university students to access exceptional, relatable therapy.

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We get it. Finding that gets you therapist can be tricky.

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You're tired of waitlists for on-campus care.

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You want a therapist that's like you or, at least, gets you.

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You want each dollar of your student benefits to be spent well.

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You want support to write your next chapter, but aren't sure where to turn.

Here's how we've supported thousands of Canadian students.

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We offer discounted rates for current students at $125 per session. And many therapists offer even lower rates on a case-by-case basis.

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If you've graduated a college or university program in the past two years, we now offer new alumni our student rate of $125 per session.

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We're open every day, including evenings and weekends, giving you flexible sessions.

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We offer a Fit Guarantee, meaning you get a free session with another therapist if you don't click with your first one.

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We love supporting students! Our team is young and excited to support you during this time in your life.

Fit Guarantee

We’re really good at finding great client-therapist matches. But if you’re not clicking with your registered psychotherapist or social worker, Fit Guarantee™ means we’ll match you with another and give you a free session.
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Shift Collab is one of Canada’s leading therapy practices, offering exceptional counselling and mental healthcare from coast-to-coast

Our curated team of over 125 social workers and psychotherapists collaborate with your clients to navigate all of life’s challenges.
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Shift truly cares about the wellness of your client, including the type of care they receive. We make therapy simple, actionable and relatable, and we know our team can successfully guide your client to find a better version of themselves–one session at a time.

We also acknowledge that there are many factors which can impact how accessible therapy is for someone; availability, location, designation, specialties, approaches, session types, price, and so on - whatever the variable is, we take all the unique needs into consideration and support clients in every way we can. 


No More Waitlists

We're always growing our therapy team, which means we never have waitlists even for our most in-demand specialties.


Open Everyday

Sessions are available everyday, including evenings and weekends. Our Care Team is available everyday, too.


Better Therapy

Our therapists are top-tier and are supported with ongoing professional development and clinical supervision to provide best-in-class care.



What types of therapy do you offer?

In short, a lot. We offer about 50 different approaches and cover about 80 different specialties. That's why our team plays a role in matching you with the right therapist.

Do you offer in-person sessions too?

Our clinic is operating 100% virtually. This means that all sessions are held by telephone or video to accommodate all client’s needs and schedules. Virtual therapy provides the opportunity to connect with a therapist in the comfort of your own home.

How do I pay for sessions?

Our services are covered in whole or in part by many benefits programs. Check you coverage for Registered Social Workers or Registered Psychotherapists. Payment is due at the end of each session, and then you submit a receipt to your benefits provider for reimbursement. Let us know if you need a hand figuring out your coverage or the process for reimbursement.

Can you complete a diagnosis or prescribe medication?

Unfortunately, we cannot diagnose or prescribe any medication. Depending on the needs of clients we can refer them externally to psychologists or psychiatrists.

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