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Jacqueline Lau

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Registered Psychotherapist

Jacqueline is here to support you with school stress, major life changes, interpersonal difficulties, and behavioural challenges.

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Jacqueline has worked with children, teens, and young adults in the school system and community settings. Jacqueline believes that childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood are formative years: she is committed to helping you navigate life stressors and lead a fulfilling life. Jacqueline can help you with school stress, major life changes, emotion regulation, interpersonal difficulties, anxiety, depression, and behavioural challenges. Jacqueline also has experience supporting parents and families.

Jacqueline is a warm and empathetic therapist who has a passion for connecting with people and helping them find hope. Jacqueline’s caring nature allows her to build trust with people and create a safe and non-judgmental space. Jacqueline uses a client-centred approach and tailors therapy to your unique needs. 

Jacqueline believes you have great potential and that you are the expert of your lived experiences. Jacqueline highly values collaboration and will support you to understand the root causes of your concerns. Jacqueline will gently guide you to develop healthy coping strategies so that you feel confident and empowered. Jacqueline uses evidence-based approaches in her practice, including cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and mindfulness techniques. 

Jacqueline considers it a privilege to walk with you towards positive change. Starting therapy is not always easy but she strongly believes that reaching out is the first step to improved well-being. Jacqueline welcomes you just as you are.

Right for you if:

You're looking for a therapist to help you navigate life stressors and lead an engaged and fulfilling life.
You're looking for someone to work with you to understand underlying causes and triggers to your concerns.
You want to develop healthy coping strategies so that you can feel more confident and empowered.
You're a young individual struggling with anxiety, depression or school stress.

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Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Western University (2014)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (Honours), McMaster University (2012)

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

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What does good mental health look like to you?
I believe having good mental health means having balance in various areas of life (i.e. Personal, work, social, physical). It also means taking care of myself so that I am ready to face challenges that come my way.
What is a motto or idea that gives you reassurance when you’re having a difficult time?
I will grow from this.
How do you describe therapy?
Therapy is a way of taking care of yourself - similar to nurturing a plant which requires consistent care to thrive. I also like to describe therapy as taking a road trip with the client behind the wheel - they choose where they want to go and we can figure out the roadmap together. There may be pit stops and detours along the way, but it’s okay! It’s part of the process and they may learn something new about themselves along the journey!