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Registered Social Worker

Rashiqah is here to support you with work and relationship stressors, caregiver burnout, grief and loss, and cross-cultural issues.

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Rashiqah can help you set healthy boundaries with family, friends, in romantic relationships, and in the workplace. She can also support you with anxiety, life transitions, caregiver burnout, workplace stress, and grief and loss. Rashiqah specializes in supporting people who face cross-cultural issues, especially first-generation South Asian Canadian women, as Rashiqah identifies with this community. She can help you work through issues like self-identity, self-worth, and family dynamics.

Rashiqah approaches therapy with compassion. She’ll work with you to find practical solutions to life issues. She uses an integrative approach that includes cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, and motivational interviewing to help you set goals, develop coping strategies, and find the right tools to create lasting change. 

Rashiqah has practiced social work in an acute care hospital, a rehabilitation centre, and in community organizations. In these settings, Rashiqah provided crisis intervention, counselling, and resource support to clients and their families. Rashiqah believes that you are strong, and recognizes that it takes courage to start this journey. She’ll meet you where you’re at and work with you to meet your goals. 

In her spare time, Rashiqah enjoys discovering new places, spending time with family and friends, exercising, and hiking.

Right for you if:

You feel stuck and are dealing with cross-cultural issues, especially first-generation South Asian Canadian women.
You have someone in our life who have been touched by Dementia.
You are experiencing care-giver burn-out.
You are struggling with health transitions (yourself or a loved one).

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Master of Social Work, University of Toronto (2018)

Mental Health First Aid Training (Mental Health Commission of Canada)

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training (Toronto Western Hospital)

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (Living Works)

Dementia and Palliative Care Training (Alzheimer Society of Toronto)

Gentle Persuasive Approaches

Dementia Care Training Program

Behaviour Support Training Program

British Columbia Association of Social Workers

Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

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What do you do to take care of your own mental health?
I spend time with family and friends. I love being outdoors in nature and moving my body through hiking and exercising. Additionally, I allow myself to feel my emotions and process through them through journaling.
What do you do to take care of your own mental health?
Boundaries are very important to me when taking care of my own mental health. Being able to say no, taking a pause, checking in with myself are all ways I ensure my mental health is being prioritized.
What are some unique things about you?
I'm the first person in my family to complete a Masters Degree. I've travelled to over 10 countries and counting. I cannot go a day without a good cup of coffee.

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