Mental health education that improves your team's wellness and performance… and isn’t boring.


Jordan Axani
Education Director

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Megan Rafuse
Clinical Director

For years, workplace mental health education has been about covering your bases rather than enabling your employees to feel connected, productive and fulfilled. 

Yet the reality is that most everyday mental health challenges (like stress, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, imposter syndrome) inhibit the success of every organization. 

Don't believe us? Take a look at Google's widely praised Project Aristotle, a vast internal study to answer the question of what makes a team most effective. The answer? Psychological safety. 

Psychological safety occurs when employees feel safe to voice their opinion, take risks, show their personalities and ask for help. And when that happens, Google learned, the outcomes of a team's sales, retention and overall happiness skyrocketed. 

What's better? You too can build this in your workplace. And we can help.

Our workplace programs are designed to build psychological safety and camaraderie among employees, managers and leaders. Because then, and only then, can true mental wellness be fostered for the long-term.


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