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Starting Therapy

The best therapy is built upon meaningful relationships. To be there for our clients, we have built our team around four principles of therapy.

Therapy can be helpful for anyone.

We get it. Life is demanding. You work hard. You care for others. You know you can do more and you're tired of feeling like less. You want change and are unsure of where to start. Therapy can help.When we think of therapy, we often imagine ourselves laying on a couch in a stuffy office, while we answer probing questions about our childhood memories and the therapist takes cryptic notes. At Shift, the reality is much different because we put your needs first and start wherever is right for you.

Therapy is a good thing anytime.

People tend to start therapy when they are undergoing some kind of emotional difficulty stemming from, for example, a traumatic event or a major life change. However, therapy can be helpful even in the good times as a way to build resilience.Therapy is proven to increase your happiness, improve your motivation, and help you to better understand yourself and the world around you. Therapy will help you to manage your stress, reduce your anxiety, and will assist you in setting goals for the future. As we often say, “Therapy is a good thing anytime.” Therapy can be a short (dealing with immediate issues) or long-term (addressing significant or ongoing issues) process.

Therapy is best when it's like talking with a trusted friend.

That's why we carefully match you with a skilled therapist that can support you in working towards your goals. Together you will explore and identify your emotions and patterns of thinking, bring a new perspective to the challenges that you are experiencing, develop new ways of coping with the difficulties you are facing, and help you to find a new sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. Your therapist is a stabilizing support in the tough times and your cheerleader in the good times.

Therapy evolves over time — just like you.

As you grow and enter new phases of your life, your needs from therapy will change. Many of our clients join us as young professionals and seek out different kinds of care as they navigate relationship challenges, parenting, career growth or grief stemming from a loss.At Shift, our team of therapists work closely together to ensure the most appropriate and skilled therapist is there for you when you need it. In practice, this might look like you having a primary therapist for the majority of your sessions, who may suggest you see a specialist in a specific area for a period of time.

How do I start therapy

We make finding your dream therapist stress-free, so you can focus on finding your version of better. With our team of over 125 therapists across Canada, we take finding the right therapist for you very seriously.

step one

Get Matched

Our team will help you find your perfect therapist that has the personality and expertise to support you.

step two

Free Consult

If you’d like, we can book a free 15-minute meet and greet with your therapist to get a feel for what it will be like to work with them.

step Three

Feel Better

Settle into a rhythm of sessions with your therapist and you’ll work through your therapy goals together.

Fit Guarantee

We’re really good at finding great client-therapist matches. But if you’re not clicking with your registered psychotherapist or social worker, Fit Guarantee™ means we’ll match you with another and give you a free session.

Our commitment to excellence in therapy.

We hire talented therapists who are dedicated to their craft. Out of every 40 applicants, we hire about 1 therapist. All members of our therapy team are supported rigorously in their professional development, with a keen focus on becoming a leader in their niche and bringing their full selves to each therapy session.
Our team has two full-time senior therapists that review client needs with our therapists on a private basis. This kind of hands-on oversight is extremely rare, and means that you can be assured you have the best care plan possible.
Our therapists attend regular group supervision and professional development sessions, where our therapists have the space to gain a wider perspective and learn from colleagues. This transpires into collaborative care opportunities, where your therapist is leveraging a wide array of knowledge and experience to ensure your care is the best it can be.

Grab our guide.

Download our therapy basics guide and dive into some of the most common questions and concerns that people have when it comes to starting therapy.

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