The story of Shift

Our mission is to help highly-driven people believe they're enough.


A tale of two imposters


By chance, Megan Rafuse and Jordan Axani met in 2015. Megan, a clinical therapist, and Jordan, a speaker, shared a similar interest in imposter syndrome and how it had impacted their own journeys.

After a number of conversations (often about their similar experience of living with the "I'm not good enough" type of thinking), they decided to take a leap as strangers and launch a podcast called Impostercast, exploring the moments in life where we fake it the most.

To their surprise, it took off and soon became a top-20 podcast on iTunes, demonstrating that so many of us feel like we're faking it everyday.

Two Businesses, One Mission 

They began to look for more opportunities to collaborate. At the same time, Megan opened up Shift, a therapy clinic in downtown Toronto, while Jordan took over Disruptt, a speaking agency focused on mental health and social innovation.

Both businesses were alike. They both consisted of professionals who were passionate about helping others find their "more", whether through individual therapy, group workshops, or speaking to large audiences. Moreover, Megan and Jordan were bound by a belief that the conversations being had about mental health were stale and irrelevant and it was time try something different.

Coming together for the future

For too long there has been a separation between the realizations that individuals have in therapy rooms and how to carry this forward into the other facets of their lives.

Conversely, for too long, people have sat in workshops and keynotes inspired to change but without the tools to do just that.

That's why Shift exists. We're here to help you foster the more within yourself, your relationships and your community.