The story of Shift

Our mission is to help ambitious people believe they're enough as they are.


A tale of two imposters

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Like all good stories, Megan Rafuse and Jordan Axani met by chance.

Megan, a clinical therapist, and Jordan, a speaker, shared a similar interest in imposter syndrome and how it had impacted their own journeys. (Spoiler alert: a lot...). 

After a number of chats, often about their similar experience of living with the "I'm not good enough" type of thinking, they decided to take a leap as strangers and launch a podcast called Impostercast. It would explore the moments in life where we fake it the most.

To their surprise, it took off and soon became a top-20 podcast on iTunes, demonstrating that so many of us feel like we're faking it everyday.  As it turned out, they weren't alone in their imposterdom... 

Two businesses, one mission

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As they became closer as friends and allies, they began to look for more opportunities to collaborate.

At the same time, Megan opened up Shift, a therapy clinic in downtown Toronto, while Jordan took over Disruptt, a speaking agency focused on mental health and social innovation.

Both businesses were alike. They both consisted of world-class leaders who were passionate about helping others find their "more", whether through individual therapy, group workshops, or speaking to large audiences.

Megan and Jordan were bound by a belief that the conversations being had about mental health were stale and irrelevant... and it was time try something different.

Coming together for the future

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Soon, the decision was made to bring both businesses together as Shift, a collaborative mental health practice that is dedicated to  making mental health relatable, actionable and innovative

Today, Shift is made up of a team of more than 30 brilliant mental health leaders. Together, we work with high performers and with their organizations to improve their wellness, one session or workshop at a time.

We're here to help you foster the more within yourself, your relationships and your community. Because now, more than ever, the world needs more of the real you.