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Headshot of Erica Eugenio from waist up smiling in a business casual top.

Erica Eugenio

Erica Eugenio

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Registered Social Worker
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Erica is here to support you with grief, mood disorders and workplace stress.

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Erica is a registered social worker who helps young adults navigate emotional regulation, anxiety, depression, and workplace stress by providing a safe and supportive environment for them to explore and heal from past trauma. She also works with athletes of all levels who experience performance anxiety or have difficulty managing a sport-related injury. By accessing the areas of the brain where trauma lies, Erica can help you get back to your peak performance level.

Erica provides a safe, non-judgmental space for healing to happen. Relationship building is at the forefront of Erica's work, along with being attuned to her client's needs. In her personal life, Erica uses working out, playing soccer, and travelling as a form of self-care. When Erica isn't working you will find her playing with her two boys, experiencing what the world has to offer together.

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