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Foluke Akinboyo

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Registered Psychotherapist
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Foluke is here to support you with trauma, mood dysregulation, and grief and loss. 

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Foluke has extensive experience supporting people with complex PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress, and other transitions.She provides a safe and non-judgmental space in therapy where she honours your emotional experiences. She uses self-compassion, mindfulness, and other techniques to normalize challenges and help you draw on your strengths and resilience. She can help you identify themes and patterns that may be preventing forward movement.

Foluke can also help families understand each other better. She uses a collaborative approach to help you explore your communication patterns and discuss your needs safely. She will support you to make changes that can strengthen your relationships, build a healthy lifestyle, and reach your goals. In addition, Foluke focuses on uplifting the BIPOC community and navigating intersections. Foluke is adamant about creating a safe place for marginalized folks to share their truths unapologetically.

In her personal life, Foluke is an amateur spoken word artist and poet. In her spare time, she enjoys nature, culture, food, travel, and play.

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