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Taninder is here to support you with cultural challenges, relationships, stress management, and self-esteem.

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Taninder supports adults who face issues related to culture, anxiety, depression, grief, relationships, stress management, and self-esteem. Taninder can help you build your coping toolbox and improve self-awareness, self-worth, and self-compassion. Taninder is especially interested in supporting people from the South Asian community. She belongs to this community herself and understands the struggles that people face. It takes courage to reach out for counselling because of the stigma that many cultures have about mental health. Taninder strives to create a safe, inclusive, and comforting space for you.

Taninder has experience supporting domestic or international post-secondary students in a college setting. She can help you take care of yourself as you manage the demands of school. Taninder is passionate about supporting international students to navigate a new country, culture, and school system. Taninder has also worked at a hospice, where she helped bereaved individuals process their grief in a group setting.

Taninder works from a holistic, intersectional, and anti-oppressive approach to therapy. She has worked in multicultural settings and understands that systemic issues in society are not separate from counselling. She will support you to make connections between your own experience and systemic issues, and work to address them. Taninder draws on acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused therapy, which she tailors to meet your needs. 

Taninder feels honoured to walk with you on your journey, and values your lived experiences. She believes that you are the expert on your own issues. Taninder brings her caring, open-minded nature to therapy and will meet you where you’re at. 

Taninder offers counselling in English, Punjabi, and Hindi.

Right for you if:

You are looking for someone passionate about supporting individuals from the South Asian community.
You are looking for support with anxiety, depression, grief, relationships, or stress management.
You are looking for a safe, inclusive, and comforting space for each client.
You are looking for support in building your "coping toolbox".

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Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Western University (2020)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Honours), York University (2018)

Addiction Treatment: Clinical Skills for Health Care Providers (Yale University)

Critical Incident Response Training (Fanshawe College)

Fourth R Training Program (Western University)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Psychwire)

Mental Health First Aid (Fanshawe College)

Strengthening Families Program Training (Muslim Resource Centre)

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (Western University)

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Workshop (Dalton & Associates)

Strategies for Working with Indigenous Individuals Experiencing Trauma Certificate

Treating PTSD: A Compassion-Focused CBT Approach

Foundations in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

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What does good mental health look like to you?
To me, good mental health can involve the process of continuously working on gaining self-awareness, understanding your triggers, learning from emotions and having a coping toolbox from which you can access healthy strategies. I strongly believe that self-compassion is at the foundation of good mental health because as humans, we will make a lot of mistakes but how we respond is what really matters. Do we adopt a growth mindset or be hard on ourselves and feel worse? Good mental health involves not accepting all your thoughts as facts, approaching yourself with curiosity, not judgement and talking to yourself as you would talk to a loved one. Good mental health is showing yourself love by prioritizing self-care, living by your values, & setting boundaries. Good mental health involves accepting that the mental health journey is a roller-coaster, and not a linear process so that even in the low moments, you can appreciate all your strengths and see how far you have come.
How do you describe therapy?
Therapy is a safe and non-judgmental space where clients are able to talk to a professional who does their best to remain neutral and gives them unconditional positive regard. Therapy is for individuals in all walks of life; clients can come to therapy to gain self-awareness and learn about healthy coping tools. Therapy can also entail the process of understanding emotions & working through unhelpful thoughts. Therapy can be structured or unstructured, it is about meeting the client where they are at and tailored to meet their unique needs. It is confidential and involves the therapist working to gain the client’s trust as the therapeutic relationship is an extremely important factor in determining therapeutic outcome. Therapy can help with empowering clients to show up as their best self and helping to understand what that would look like.
What is a motto or idea that gives you reassurance when you’re having a difficult time?
The starting place of all healing is embracing even the most painful and shameful parts of our inner experience. Compassion for ourselves naturally leads to and eventually unfolds into an unconditional and inclusive love we never imagined possible - Tara Branch

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