1. Choose a therapist

Our team of therapists have a wide-range of experience and expertise to meet your needs.

You will do better in therapy if you feel that you can relate to and trust your therapist. We take our commitment to you seriously and do our best to help match you with the therapist who can provide the best support for you and will also complement your profile. 

Please note that some of our therapists see clients in our Toronto office while others offer video therapy services across Ontario. Considering the kind of session you prefer in advance can help ensure that your theraputic experience is a great one. 

2. Book a phone consultation (optional)

If you prefer, we offer a free 15-minute phone consultation with our therapists before you book your first appointment so that you can learn more about their practice and ask any questions you may have before coming to Shift. If you're ready to book an initial session without a consultation, go for it!

3. Book an appointment

Often when it comes to therapy, we have given it some thought prior to finally committing to attending. If you reviewed our therapists and are ready to book, you can book in your first session right away and get started. We are looking forward to meeting you.

4. What to expect for your first appointment

Before your first appointment:

  • We'll email you an intake form through our secure online system.

  • If you don't have a chance to fill out the form, please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to fill it out in person.

Getting here:

  • Our clinic is located at 14 Prince Arthur Avenue in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood.
  • Street parking is available on Prince Arthur and there's a Green P parking lot on Bedford Avenue (between Bloor and Prince Arthur).
  • We are a 3 minute walk from St. George subway station. There are ring and post bike stands on the south side of Prince Arthur.
  • When you arrive, please come up to suite 312 on the third floor.
  • We have a quiet waiting area where you can have a complimentary coffee or tea.
  • For appointments after 6pm, please buzz up! Our buzzer is 8522. 

During your first appointment:

  • We'll start getting to know each other better.
  • We'll start asking questions, exploring, and developing a plan to help you move forward.
  • We'll set some goals and move at a pace that works for both of us.

If you are seeing your therapist over video, you will receive instructions via email after booking your session on how to use our secure video platform. 


Want more info? 

If at anytime you have questions, concerns, or want to ask about trying a different therapist (we value the importance of fit and get that not every therapist is right for every client), please contact us.

We value your business, care about your well-being and are eager to become your therapy practice of choice.