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Free workplace mental health tools.

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Work has changed. Mental health is out in the open. Whether you're an employee, manager, HR lead, or executive, let's work on it together.

Workplace Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to provide insight into the mental health strategy in your organization using our Three Pillar Model. It highlights areas of strength and weakness in your workplace mental health strategy.
You'll learn:
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How to prioritize your efforts across the three pillars of workplace mental health values, practices, and policies

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What your baseline score is for the maturity of your mental health strategy

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How your efforts create more balance between each pillar over time, creating a net positive for employees

Workplace Posters

Download, print and share these posters in your physical or virtual office. Each shares an important theme or idea on improving workplace mental health everyday.

10 Questions for Caring Co-Workers

20 Questions for People Managers

Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress

Therapy Basics Guide

Download our therapy basics guide and dive into some of the most common questions and concerns that people have when it comes to starting therapy.
You'll learn:
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How to know whether therapy can support you

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The different types of therapists and approaches

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Questions to ask yourself as you prepare for your first session

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How to get the most value out of therapy

Recommending Shift Collab for Therapy

Make the most of your healthcare benefits. Managers and caring co-workers recommend Shift for therapy to their colleagues. We practice strict confidentiality, ensuring that everyone's privacy is protected.
Why recommend us:
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We don't have waitlists and are open every day.

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We hire less than 10% of therapists that apply.

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We offer a Fit Guarantee to new clients, ensuring they are matched with the right therapist.

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Want to top-up your benefits plan? Learn about our Session Packs.

Training & Workshops

STARTING AT $1200 each
We offer a variety of workplace workshops and training for employees, managers, and leaders. Each are designed to be tactical and relatable, ensuring that value is provided immediately.
Why choose us: 
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You aren't happy with the therapy access included with your EAP program.

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You want to extend access to therapy services without renegotiating your benefits plan.

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Your employees are going through a particularly challenging time.

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You want to proactively decrease short-term disability claims.

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Why trust Shift?

Shift Collab is one of Canada’s leading therapy practices, offering exceptional counselling and mental healthcare from coast-to-coast

Our curated team of over 125 social workers and psychotherapists collaborate with your clients to navigate all of life’s challenges.
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Shift cares about the wellness of your colleagues, including the type of care they receive. We make therapy simple, actionable and relatable, and we know our team can successfully guide your client to find a better version of themselves–one session at a time.

We also acknowledge that there are many factors which can impact how accessible therapy is for someone; availability, location, designation, specialties, approaches, session types, price, and so on - whatever the variable is, we take all the unique needs into consideration and support clients in every way we can. 


No More Waitlists

We're always growing our therapy team, which means we never have waitlists even for our most in-demand specialties.


Open Everyday

Sessions are available everyday, including evenings and weekends. Our Care Team is available everyday, too.


Better Therapy

Our therapists are top-tier and are supported with ongoing professional development and clinical supervision to provide best-in-class care.



What types of therapy services do you offer?

We offer individual, adolescent, child, couples and family counselling. Most sessions are 50-minute in duration. Want to learn more about each session type and what's best for your people, let’s chat!

Do you offer in-person sessions too?

Our clinic is operating 100% virtually indefinitely. This means that all sessions are held by telephone or video to accommodate all client’s needs and schedules. Virtual therapy provides the opportunity to connect with a therapist in the comfort of your own home.

How soon will a referral have access to care?

Upon receiving a referral, our Care Team will connect with them to complete our matching process within 24 hours at the most, though typically we are in touch much quicker.

How much will my session pack cost?

Let's talk about your needs and we can develop a custom quote for you.

How do we encourage usage of sessions?

If your goal is to maximize the amount of usage of the program, our Care Team will encourage clients to book all of their eligible sessions. This not only encourages usage, but secures a spot for an effective plan of care. We understand some folks may feel more comfortable starting off with an initial session, in which case, the therapist will encourage booking the remaining subsequent sessions after completion of their initial.

How soon can I refer patients or employees?

Once we have an understanding of your needs and provide a quote, we'll both sign a short contract and begin the onboarding process which typically takes one or two weeks.

Will I get usage reports?

Yes, we provide monthly usage reports that includes how many sessions have been used and for how many individuals. For healthcare organizations where we're coordinating care with you (with client consent, of course) we can share more details.

How long do session credits last?

All session credits are good for at least one year. Session credits expire on September 31 of the year after your purchase. So, for example, if you bought 40 session credits in May 2023 they would expire in September 2024.

How do we ensure equal access to credits among our patients or employees?

Simply put, we put parameters in place. For example, it's common that an organization will limit care to 6 sessions per person. We then monitor session usage per person and work with the therapist to ensure that their care plan is maximized for the amount of care.

What happens when session credits run out?

You can either purchase more session credits or we can work to transition clients to care options. In some instances, this may mean referring to a public healthcare organization and in others, depending on the clients financial means and if they have benefits coverage, continued care with their therapist. In either case, our goal is to not leave clients 'high and dry' but to developed care plans that make sense.

Can you complete a diagnosis or prescribe medication?

Unfortunately, we cannot diagnose or prescribe any medication. Depending on the needs of clients we can refer them externally to psychologists or psychiatrists.

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