5 Ways to Make the Most of Your 25-Minute Video Therapy Session

The classic hour-long therapy session works in a lot of situations, however, it isn’t the only way that therapy can be delivered.

With Shift’s most recent partnership with Maple, we are excited to be offering 25-minute long sessions over video when you need it the most. This new form of therapy will hopefully be more convenient and approachable to people who find hour-long sessions to be too cumbersome.

With on-demand sessions the focus is on quality over quantity. But how can you make sure your session is high quality?


Follow these five strategies to get the most of your time!



1. Plan ahead

Prior to your session, think about what you want to cover. Spending the first ten or fifteen minutes making small talk while you consider what you want to talk about will cut into the time you have to actually dive into the issue.



2. Focus on one issue

While it can be tempting to try to talk about many related issues, on-demand sessions work best when you are able to identify a specific area to focus on. For ideas and examples of common topics addressed in on-demand sessions see this article on “What Can Be Tackled in 25 Minutes”.



3. Set an agenda

Now that you’ve planned ahead and identified a key issue to talk about, it’s important to communicate this clearly to the therapist at the start of your session. By being direct at the onset you can make sure you focus on the issues that matter to you the most.



4. Focus on the now

When possible, try to focus on your current situation, rather than your past experiences. Remember that your therapist is trained in short-term counselling and should be able to make sense of your story without needing extensive detail about your childhood or past experiences. Feel comfortable giving some information without detailed stories. For example, it can be helpful to say, “my parents’ divorce was very hard on me and I think it contributes to my issues with intimacy” or “I feel nervous with my team at work and believe it relates to being bullied in high school”. From there, you’ll be able to focus on your particular struggle today and how to best cope or address your concern.



5. Feel free to take notes

Anticipating there will be a lot covered, some people find it helpful to take notes either in their session or immediately afterwards. This will allow you to hold on to key insights you gained or helpful advice you received from the therapist.



Curious to try on-demand video therapy? Our therapists are available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5pm to 8p EST.

Sign up for free today at getmaple.ca.

On-Demand Video Therapy FAQ

Answers to your questions about on-demand therapy!


Why are the sessions 25-minutes?

The traditional length of a therapy session is 50-minutes to an hour long and can cost on average between $140 to $180. However, in today’s fast paced world, we believe that 25-minutes of focused time together can address a specific challenge and provide tools to lessen mental strain. Plus, a 25 minute video session is easier to fit into your packed schedule and can save you time and money.


What can be accomplished in a 25-minute session?

There are many things that can be covered in a 25-minute session, but in general it’s best to focus on one issue per session. Whether it’s workplace stress, an argument with your spouse or trouble sleeping, talking to a trained therapist can help you quickly uncover solutions to help you start feeling better today. If you’re new to therapy, it can be a great way to “try it on” to see how it can help you. For more on this, check out Shift therapist Jaylin Bradbury's blog post on 14 common issues that could be tackled in this time!


Is on-demand therapy right for me?

If you find yourself needing a mental health boost during a busy week but can’t find the time to visit a therapist, or perhaps you don’t feel ready to start longer-term therapy, this service is perfect for you. Access to great therapists can be hard to find, so we have spared no effort to find exceptional practitioners that are able to support you through everyday life challenges.


Is video therapy effective?

Yes, it is! Many studies have shown that video counselling is just as effective as in-person counselling.


Is the video platform secure?

Yes! Maple is extremely secure and is compliant with all Canadian healthcare information laws regarding privacy.


What devices will sessions be available on?

On-demand therapy sessions will be available only on desktop or laptop computers for right now, though Maple’s mobile applications will support therapy in the months ahead. For best results, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox as a browser.  


Can I rebook with a specific therapist?

During this initial pilot phase, it is not possible to rebook with the same therapist through Maple. However, if you hit it off with your therapist and would like to book a follow-up session, please write to info@shiftcollab.com and we’ll be happy to set you up for another video session with that same therapist.


Will my insurance cover the session?

While you are responsible for reviewing your own coverage, many insurance companies cover social work and psychotherapy services. If you wish to claim your session, please review your benefits package.


What are the credentials of the therapists?

All of the therapists are Social Workers with a Masters in Social Work and registered with their regulatory college within their province. Each of our therapists have extensive clinical experience. Why? We have found that clinical social workers offer exceptional value to clients while also having wide support for coverage from insurance companies. Plus, all of our therapists are trained specifically for video sessions, and are extremely relatable and caring.


Will I get a receipt after my session?

Yes! It will be emailed to you as soon as the session is completed. Additionally, if you have coverage through your insurance benefits, it will have the required information on it for you to claim it. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have coverage and we do not guarantee that your session will be covered by your benefits plan.


When will the service be available on more days of the week?

Our intention is to expand the availability of the on-demand therapy service in the months ahead. Stay tuned!


When will the service be available outside of Ontario?

Depending on regional demand, we’ll be rolling out the service to other parts of Canada in the months ahead. Again, stay tuned!


Is on-demand therapy the same as crisis support?

On-demand therapy is not intended to replace crisis or distress lines, but instead is designed to be something different all together. On-demand therapy was created to provide therapeutic solutions early on, before the situation can grow to become a crisis.

If you or someone you care about are in crisis, feeling suicidal, or at risk of hurting yourself or someone else we strongly encourage you to contact your local distress line (which can be found here: http://www.dcontario.org/centres.html for people in Ontario) or go immediately to your nearest hospital. Help is available to you and it’s important to remember that no matter how overwhelming it may feel, things can get better.


Can I use this service if I already have a therapist?

Yes! Many people who are already connected with a therapist choose to use Maple. If your current therapist is away on vacation, off on parental leave, or just booked solid for the next month, it can be helpful to talk to another trained professional in the interim. At your next session with your regular therapist you can let them know what you discussed or you can request a copy of your notes from Maple to be shared directly with your regular therapist!


What You Can Tackle In A 25-Minute Therapy Session


As you may have heard, we've partnered with Maple to offer on-demand video therapy. As if that wasn’t unique enough, we also decided to make all of the sessions are 25 minutes long!


Why? Because we believe that certain challenges can be tackled in as little as 25 minutes.



Here are 14 common issues people can address within 25 minutes:


  1. Reduce your anxiety before a big date

  2. Sort out hurt feelings after an argument with your partner

  3. Learn how to ask what you need from your boss

  4. Connect with someone when feeling lonely on maternity leave

  5. Find out how to calm down after an anxiety attack

  6. Explore how to uphold boundaries at work

  7. Discover strategies for better sleep

  8. Learn easy strategies to become more present-focused at home with your family

  9. Talk to someone after a recent set-back

  10. Improve your confidence and self-esteem

  11. Gain motivation to start a new project

  12. Calm down after an exceptionally frustrating meeting

  13. Learn a strategy to stop replaying that awkward conversation you had

  14. Talk through a big decision with someone impartial


What are some of the reasons you could see on-demand therapy being helpful? Comment below! 


Give it a try beginning on July 11 using Maple.

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