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November 30, 2023
Celebrating Being a Readers’ Choice Winner and What’s Coming Up in 2024 

Jordan Axani

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Oh, 2023. What a wonderful, challenging, empowering year.

Today, we're thrilled to share that we’ve been awarded the top therapy practice in Toronto by the 2023 Toronto Star Readers' Choice Awards. As Canada’s largest newspaper and award of this type, this is a fabulous recognition of our team's dedication to client care, community-building, and giving back.

Earlier this year, we were also honoured to receive the Most Philanthropic Startup at the Tech4SickKids Tech4Giving awards, recognizing our persistent efforts to offer free and heavily reduced-cost care to the most vulnerable. We were also a finalist in the SME Business Awards for best customer service. We've also been in the news frequently, commenting on awareness days, breaking news, or otherwise providing some well-being tips. In addition, we published findings on the impacts on Canadians' mental health due to their relationship status.

Megan, our CEO and Co-Founder, has earned some much-deserved praise by winning the Compass Rose Entrepreneur Award by WXN’s Canada's Most Powerful Women Top 100. Additionally, she was given the Exceptional Alumni Award from Lakehead University

Honestly, I used to groan when businesses would share the awards that they’ve earned. Maybe it was jealousy, or maybe I thought it was in vain. But now, I’ve come to realize that these kinds of accolades remind all of us that we’re on the right path. None of this would be possible without our extremely dedicated team, brilliant clients, our partners, and those who surround us and lift us up. So, to each of you, thank you. 

What's coming up in 2024
We’re about to embark on Shift Collab Version 3.0, where 1.0 was our original clinic in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood, and 2.0 was how we evolved during COVID-19. The therapy industry is changing faster than we could have ever imagined, but one thing remains consistent, even among all of the AI innovations, the merging of practices, and the evolution of virtual care:  human touch matters more than ever before. 

As a family-owned, bootstrapped business in an extremely competitive field, we have to pick our priorities carefully. We’ve had the privilege of working with a brilliant team of advisors to help us co-create our future over the next year and beyond. 

Here’s some of what we're looking forward to: 

  • Customer intimacy is going to be paramount for us in 2024. We're reorienting how we operate to ensure that we're doing everything we can for our clients to achieve mental well-being. That means having more care concierge support, community activities, measurable care tools, and more.  
  • Taking care of friends and family is a passion. Since we started in 2017 with only a couple of therapists, about 30% of our clients have always come from friends and family. That's a huge thing for us. In 2024, we're launching more ways for our clients to support their friends and help in their care journey. 
  • More meaningful partnerships. We’re thrilled to be partnering with several notable Canadian women-led brands next year on a variety of events and collaborations. 
  • A unique digital experience. We've never considered ourselves a tech company per se, but in 2024, we are going to be building and launching our own platform for our clients to receive best-in-class virtual care and everyday tools to be a hub for your mental well-being. 

We wouldn’t be able to do any of this if it wasn’t for the thousands of Canadians who trust us with their mental health. It’s an immense privilege to serve so many, and we can’t wait to evolve more next year to serve each of you better. 

Co-Founder, Shift Collab  


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