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September 1, 2020
Happy Birthday, Real Campus!

Jordan Axani

Real Campus team huddles in for a photo at on campus.

Real Campus Turns 2

Today marks the day that Real Campus — our student mental healthcare service — turns two! 🎈    

What started off as a vision in 2018 for a better way for Canadian college and university students to access quality mental health services has evolved into a thriving program that has supported thousands of students nationwide. 

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day operations of something like this. But taking a step back, it’s mind boggling how far we’ve come — and how much potential is ahead. 

Real Campus is very different from national Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) because it was built from the ground up with students in mind. Our focus was, and remains, on building a program that we wished had existed when we were students navigating our own mental health and wellness challenges. 

Since launching two years ago, the usage of the program has experienced much (much!) higher usage than any of its predecessors across all metrics.  

But outside of the numbers itself, we have worked tirelessly to be active on campus with our large-scale Real Campus Tour events, delivering dozens upon dozens of workshops and classes virtually and in-person, inviting students to share their experiences making sense of their mental health and publishing their stories, and always advocating in the interest of students. 

Our ambitions are bigger. We aspire to support students in as many ways as possible by further innovating our services, launching more virtual proactive care tools and content, and integrating deeper with our partner campuses — especially this year within the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. 

A heartfelt thank you is due to our entire team of care coordinators, therapists, and lifestyle counsellors who have stayed true to the vision of the program of providing a supportive place for students to get support. Additionally, a big thank you goes out to our partners, WeSpeakStudent, Morcare, and Maple for collaborating with us to launch and operate the program, and of course the campuses who have entrusted us to support their students. 

Most of all, thank you to the students that have taken the brave step of reaching out for support and looking to us. It’s a privilege to support you on your journey. 

Cheers to what lies ahead! 


P.S. If you're wondering what the heck Real Campus is, watch this!

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