Dear World,

Dear world,

I believe in me. I believe in my power as a human being. I believe in my ability to thrive.

I hold these fundamental truths:

  • I deserve to be safe
  • I am trying my best
  • My thoughts and feelings are valid
  • I am enough

While I firmly believe these are true, not only for me, but for everyone, it is hard, dear world, when you do not hold the same truths. Or more specifically, don’t acknowledge or recognize these truths. It is hard moving through this world only to be told I am wrong, not good enough, or not valid at every turn. It’s frustrating, discouraging, and sad. And honestly, even though I hold these truths, there are times when I start to feel like I am the problem, like I am wrong, like I am overreacting by placing my needs as important. And this makes me angry – it is not okay.

So it’s time I take my power back, dear world, as it has always resided in me and always will. No one gets to tell me who I am – I will tell the world who I am. I deserve to have my needs met. And I will be the first to meet my needs. There is no finite amount of support. Placing my needs/emotions/experiences as important does not take away the importance of others’ needs/emotions/experiences. We all deserve this. In claiming this for myself, and ourselves, you, dear world, must follow suit. You have no choice. I get it if it is hard, uncomfortable, unkown – that’s scary for everyone. But we can work through that and the more practice you get, dear world, the easier it will be. Because I am stepping up and showing up for myself. I get to be safe. I deserve recognition that I am trying my best and that I am enough. And you will acknowledge that my thoughts and feelings are valid. Because they are. There is no debate.

I am a multifaceted person, with a lot to offer, experiencing a full range of emotions. This makes me human. I get to be me and that will always be enough. When you realize this, dear world, life will go from greyscale to techinicolour and it will be amazing. I’m already there. I’m excited for you to join me.